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Here are some of the nice things people have said about Bud and his website:

Bud recently got a really nice review of his travels in the Baltimore City Paper. Bud lives in Baltimore, so that's really nice. ---------
From: Getting Real

Who's dumber, a mannequin named Bud, the person who takes said mannequin all over the globe and photographs it, or the person who writes letters to the mannequin after seeing its web site?

From: Lancaster News

Bud is a mannequin and a committed tourist. This is his travelogue. Retired from window work in the late Sixties, when his cleancut look fell out of fashion, he's been on the road since 1983. Always upstanding, in a dapper blue suit and red tie, Bud has made friends in South Africa and Europe, as well as all over North America, from the Caribbean to the Yukon. Don't miss the snapshot of a debonair Bud posing with a cardboard cutout of his buddy, Ronald Reagan, in front of the Empire State Building.

From: World Village

They say travel is broadening. Today's FamSite is about a tourist who has been to three continents and has the pictures to prove it. What makes this so interesting, you ask? A lot of people have traveled that extensively, it isn't that unusual. However, this particular tourist/traveler started his life working in the young men's department of Montgomery Wards. He was gainfully employed until short hair was out, and then worked as an artists model until 1983 until he started traveling? Oh, did I mention that his name is Bud, and he is a mannequin?
The site is called the World Tours of Bud, and is a written and photographic record of the trips he has taken. There are actual, non-retouched photos taken in the most unusual places, where you would least expect a mannequin. Places like DisneyWorld, South Africa, the Eiffel Tower, Stonehenge, Yukon Territory, and Maui. He is truly a world traveler, with plans to soon be heading down under to Australia.
This is a fun site, one that is entertaining as well as educational. Enjoy your stop here today.

From: Cyber Cafe

The World Tours of Bud, Bud est un mannequin des annees cinquante qui fait le tour du monde, preuve par photo a l'appui. Une oeuvre d'art contemporaine singuliere au limites de l'etrange et de la farce.

From: Webwaste

Bud is one worldly mannequin. He's been to London, Stonehenge, Zurich, Paris and the Yucatan, and has the photos to prove it. Browse through all of Bud's vacation snapshots, and read his journal. For a piece of wood, he has plenty of insight.

From: Iranian News

Bud is a mannequin and a committed tourist. This is his travelogue.


Bud's "Cool Site" Awards

Here are some of the sites and magazines which have named Bud's Travels a cool site of the week or day or month or whatever:

Experience Music Project Brownie Troop #467


Chicago WGNTV News

Mining Co.

HunTel Net, the Internet Service of Nebraska


World Village

Isn't that nice?

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