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Here are some actual letters written to Bud. BOY! He's been getting a lot lately! Do you have a question you'd like to ask? Or maybe you'd like to share a travel experience or snapshot of your own. Write to Bud, he'd love to hear from you!

Hello Bud,
You should become the world ambassador for good will. It is obvious that while you do have some limitations ie... walking, talking, this is easily overcome with help of others. Why not get school kids to send milk money to pay for your travels. The Internet gives them a great opportunity to see the world from an unbiased traveler. Take on the responsibility helping the real dummies live together on this planet. If we can raise money for charities around the world can't we help one of our own? Consider yourself a "mannequin on a mission."

Always remember clothes don't make the maniquine, the mannequin makes the clothes.
Ocilla, Ga.

Dear Joe,
All of us should be ambassadors for good will, there is nothing really all that special about me, I think. It's nice of you to say it anyway. It's better that kids drink their milk than send me money, also. I do like it that people can learn about how great the world is and all the nice people in it on my website. That's mostly why I made it.

I know there are some bad people too but there are so many more good people. It's must be like ten thousand to one at least, I think.

I've never made any clothes. I can't sew.
Sincerely, Bud

Hi Bud,
Will you be my friend? Looks like Prince Walter Tarawally wrote to you too. Isn't he such a nice man? It really is too bad about his daddy. It seems he is having a hard time getting his money moved. Such a shame. The funny thing is that there are many children of dead people with so much money to move. Hm. I never knew the Africans were so rich.

I have traveled some too. I have been to South Africa several times, Thailand and Israel and all over the US. You began your career in 65. My, you must be old and you look so young. How do you do it? Do you use Grecian formula on your hair?
Your New Friend, Cricket

Dear Cricket,
YES! You can totally be my new friend. If everyone made friends with everyone else then the world would pretty great. Prince Walter writes to lots of people. He seems very friendly and I'm sorry about his problems too.

You really have traveled a lot too. Traveling is great. I've never been to Thail and but I hear it's beautiful and want to go there someday. About being old and young at the same time- that's how it is with us mannequins. A mannequin of an old man looks like that the day he is born when a person would look like a baby. People think that's weird but to us mannequins it's just normal. Kind of like eating raw fish- I mean, in Japan it's okay but to people in other places it's yucky.

I use body putty and brown spray paint on my hair to keep it nice looking.
Sincerely, Bud

Dear Bud,
I was thinking that Bud should have the opportunity to meet Albert Einstein and Edgar Allen Poe... who reside in constant composure at a rare bookstore in your hometown:

The 19th Century Shop
1047 Hollins Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21223

If you take the opportunity to do this, then please give my warm regards to Stephan Lowentheil, proprietor.

Dear Pam,
I've never been there. I've been so many places but still haven't seen everything there is in my own hometown. Those men are both geniuses and I'd probably learn a whole lot from them. Thanks for the tip.
Sincerely, Bud

Dear Bud,
A few years ago a friend of mine bought a house in Davenport, Iowa that had a bunch of old garbage in it. Among the trash was an old Buster Brown shoe mannequin. He looked very much like Bud--with molded, painted-on hair and all. He was naked except for his shoes which were permanently attached to his feet. And his arms were missing.

I took Buster Brown home with me and propped him up against my kitchen wall to amuse and frighten guests until a few months later when my mother adopted him permanently and took him to the pre-school she teaches at to be loved by the two-year-olds in her class.

I think it would be nice for Buster Brown and Bud to meet since they may be related or something. If there is any chance that you will be in the Midwestern portion of the United States (I live in Chicago) and would like to arrange a meeting, I would love to facilitate that.

Dear Christine,
It is so great that there are nice people like you and your mother who adopt retired mannequins. I have always considered myself very lucky to have been adopted and it's nice to know I'm not alone. I'm sure Buster is very happy being around kids all day long. I'm not planning a trip to Chicago right now but if I do, I'll write you and maybe Buster and I could pose by the Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain or something. Sincerely, Bud

I come by the present mail to solicit with you if that suits accept as your correspondancy some seen exchanger our ideas, our cultures, our projects especially in the domain of the matters and travel.
For, I am a young African of 23 years with a level FERRY in accounting more a diploma some Freezes Customs and some years expŽriences professional. I presently working in a cybercafŽ this that allows have me of very good relations.
In cash on a favorable response on your part receive Mister or madam my greetings the better ones
Your devoted one
MESSAN.A. Roboam Cel:(00225) 07 52 40 95

Dear Roboam,
Your English is very good. Thank you for writing, though. I love exchanging ideas and stuff. Especially about travel. Good luck with your accounting.
Sincerely, Bud

Really interesting Bud!
Since you're a kid, do they let you in pubs, etc? Your site gives me an idea to take maybe my Godzilla model or one of my puppets and photograph him everywhere ( a guy with a Mr. Potato Head has such a site too ). With all your traveling, let me tell you that you'd find MY TOWN more miserable an experience than having 5 root canals or maybe loosing an arm! Anywhere you hav'nt been yet Bud? Nice to see you. It's boys like you who give kids a good name.

Dear Larry,
Thanks for writing. No, I don't go into pubs. Mr. Chapman is a very nice man who has traveled with his Mr. Potato Head to a lot of places too. He wrote to me and now we're friends. Losing an arm is no fun (I know because I've had both of mine replaced). I've never had even one root canal. My home town is a very nice place but I can get really bored there too which is why I like to travel so much. Traveling with Godzilla model is a good idea. Unless it is life size, though. I haven't been to many, many places- like Japan, South America, India, Antartica, Russia, China and etc. and etc...
Sincerely, Bud

Dear Bud Tourist Mannequin,
I am well confident of your capability of executing this business for the mutual benefit of our both families, believing that you will not expose or betray the trust and confident I am about to repose on you.

I am contacting you with the greatest delight and personal respect. I am PRINCE WALTER TARAWALLY, the first son of CHIEF K.S. TARAWALLY Personal Assistant to the former minister of Mineral Resources of the Republic of Sierra-Leone who was recently murdered by the Forces Loyal to Corporal Foday Sankoh, due to his support to the incumbent elected President Tejan Kabbah.

Few days before my father was assassinated,he confided in me and ordered me to go to his underground safe and moved out immediately with the deposit agreements and cash receipt he made with a Security Company in Abidjan where he deposited one trunk box which contains cash sum of US$30,000,000 (Thirty million United States Dollars)

I successfully smuggled out of the country to Abidjan, C™te dÕIvoire with the help of some rebels loyal to My father and have gone to the Security Company with the deposit Documents to confirm the deposit myself.

Unknown to the Security company my father declared the contents of the trunk box as HOSPITAL EQUIPMENTS belonging to his foreign partner, that the keys are with him in order to prevent them from knowing the real content.

I am now seeking for your direct assistance to front you as the owner of the consignment and lift the fund out of this country to your base for onward profitable investment which necessitated my contacting you.

We are to open a non residential Bank Account here in Abidjan in your name through which the fund will be remitting from to your Bank Account abroad and your reward for this noble assistance is under negotiable.

Further detail will be made known to you on confirmation of your interest to assist me towards this project You will also comfirm to me that know third party should hear about this transaction.

Expecting your immediate response.
Yours sincerely.

Dear Prince Walter,
I am very sorry to hear about your father. You must be very sad. I never knew my father. Is your country nice? I might like to come visit someday. I'm not sure if I can help you though. I'm a mannequin of a twelve year old boy. Since I'm not a real person I don't think I can have a bank account. I hope you get your thirty million dollars, though.
Sincerely, Bud



Dear Prince Walter,
I don't know where my mother is. I think her name is June, though. I think that's because she likes to travel too. But I'm not sure she can help either because she's made of Fiberglas like me. I used to work in clothing sales but never made any money so I never needed a bank account. I've been to Botswana. It was pretty but I had some termite ants try to build an anthill inside me and I didn't care for that, though. Are there lots of termite ants in Sierra-Leone? You should be very careful they don't get into the boxes of HOSPITAL EQUIPMENTS!
Sincerely, Bud

Dear Bud,
I don't know what's up with some of those lowbrows that have been writing to you. Sheesh. What you show us--those of us brilliant enough to LEARN from you, I mean--is the Cultural Conundrum of Clothing. Like, a business-suited dummy looks perfectly in place--natural, one might say--in Pennsylvania, DC. or NY. It takes being undersea in diving gear or atop a Sierra to produce the true Wow-factor.

Wow, Bud.

Keep on travelin,' and do consider truckin' (and surfin').

Dear Clarinda,
I hope that everybody who visits my site learns something. But it is probably true that not all people will learn the same things. Some of things you can learn on my site are obvious and others are hidden away. It's sort of like an Easter egg hunt, I think. I bet you would find all the eggs at an Easter egg hunt.

I have been truckin' but have never tried surfin'. It looks like fun, though.
Sincerely, Bud

dear bud,
how was iceland? did you have company?

Dear Nestor,
Iceland is very pretty. It was cold and windy but very beautiful. I always travel with someone. Because I'm a Fiberglas mannequin I can't get around by myself very well and need help. Isn't it nice people do that?
Sincerely, Bud

it's more than nice.

Way Cool, Bud!
Thanks for the Iceland Update! Looks like a very cool place to visit, no pun inteneded!

Hey, I see you got some new duds for this trip.... Pretty SPIFFY, dude! Well, happy travels, my man! Nice to hear from you again.

Dear Phil,
Yes, Iceland is very cool and I think you DID intend to make that pun! Actually, I was wearing the exact same suit I always wear but I did get it cleaned before I went, though. If you mean my hat, I wore that to cover my ears in the wind. The wind was very strong when I was there. Ther aren't many trees on iceland to stop it either.
Sincerely, Bud

Dear Bud,
How exciting to hear that you're going to be the subject of a musical! I'm so proud of you. If I lived closer, I'd be there on April 6th, right in front, cheering you on. I would say "break a leg!" but I'm afraid in your case that wouldn't be such a good idea.

Congratulations on your Iceland trip, but I must say, in the picture at the Kerid Volcano, you were looking quite tired. Please take care of yourself, my dearest Bud, you know I do worry so.
Yours Always,

Dear Bet,
That's ok if you miss the musical but I will be thinking of you anyway. The music is pretty neat, though. I think I will let people order CDs of the songs with pictures from the show after it's done.

If I looked tired I think it must be because of jet lag. We left the United States at 8pm in the evening and flew for five hours. But when we got there it was 7am in the morning and we went straight to the Kerid Volcano. Iceland's time zone is the same as England.
Sincerely, Bud

We've been following your travels for a few years, and we just wish we could have visted as many places as you have. A friend of mine brought up an interesting question for you. Hopefully you can help him understand the complexity of the "Bud-dom." Here is his question:

during all your years of travel have you ever had to take a leak? Like at the top of the Eiffel tower or anything? If so, did it ruin the wood?

Thanks Bud. Happy trails and hope you head on down to Albuquerque's International Balloon Fiesta next October.

Dear Jason and Ile,
I don't normally leak because I'm made of Fiberglas and I don't drink water in the first place. But when I went diving on a coral reef in St. Thomas I had a VERY BIG leak after I came out. The seawater poured out everywhere! I hope this answers your question. The Balloon Fiesta sounds like a lot of fun.
Sincerely, Bud

Dear Bud:
We just don't understand. We have invited and invited you to come to Japan, eat sushi, sashimi, yakitori, yakisoba, and to drink saki or awamori with us and still you haven't come. Why Iceland when you could enjoy the warmth ofthe subtropics? Here we wear shorts most months of the year and complain that its cold when its 50 degrees out.

Don't forget us when you are planning your next trip. Come to visit and we'll take you to Thailand to ride the elephants, go bamboo rafting, visit the floating market and maybe we'll treat you to a hot oil massage...Thai style!

Dear Nancy,
I asked my friend (the one who takes me places) and he said that Iceland was really cheap to visit this time of year because no one except me wants to go there. So that's why, I guess. Japan is a lot farther away from where I live too, he said. But he promised that I will go there and visit you as soon as he can afford it and Japan will be the very next big trip I go on. I can't wait!
Sincerely, Bud
PS- I'm not sure about the hot oil massage, though.

from Otuts..
How wild I got this message from Bud.. I just had a German photography student here for three days shooting my ArtCar and other points of interest..and, I mentioned Bud's Travels to him..and he was familiar with Bud. We had great conversation about Bud. I'm very happy to receive this message that Bud went to Iceland. I will go check out the new photos.
Thanks Bud..lol.

Dear Otuts,
Wow, that's amazing. It's really true when they say it's a small world. It reminds me to be nice to everyone because you never know who might find out about it later if you aren't!
Sincerely, Bud

thanks for your latest pics Bud, nice to see you are still being the tourist
- love your work

Dear Pam,
I'm glad you enjoyed them!
Sincerely, Bud

Enjoyed your photos, commentary and website.
Great idea.

Dear F,
Sincerely, Bud

Well, I think your site is great.
JUST ONE THING: You could use a new design. The typeface is boring, there are too many letters on a line, everything's too close.

This would benefit you in many ways. I'm willing to bet that some people just pass your site by because it's difficult to read. No kidding! But if you take away all objections, then people will read it, and they'll love it. I just happen to be a bit masochistic.

Good stuff!

Dear Stephanie,
I'm glad you enjoyed the site even though it's hard to read. I'm sorry about that. It's very hard with HTML to know exactly how it will look on other people's machines. It can depend on how large they set their browser type and the size of their monitor and all sorts of other stuff. But I know what you mean. When I travel to a new place I learn a lot and want to share it all and sometimes I write way too much. Thanks for taking the time to read it anyway!
Sincerely, Bud

As a perpetually young man of the world, I was wondering if you have any advice for my 6 year old son, Jordan, about the condition of humanity in this new millenium? I showed him your pictures and told him you are very wise for your age. I hope Jordan is as wise.
Thanks, your friend,
J. H. from Gainesville, Florida

Dear J.H.,
You should give Jordon the chance to do things that make him excited and curious whatever that turns out to be. I've always been curious about all the different places and people in the world and get excited when I pack my bags for a new adventure. But I don't think that is for everybody. Because if everybody traveled like me, then when I went to a new country nobody would be at home!

I don't think you need to worry about Jordon, though. He has a parent who thinks wisdom is very important. He is very lucky.

Sincerely, Bud
PS-Don't worry about the human race too much. I think people might take 2 steps forward and one step backward but things get better slowly but surely.

Hey, Bud.
Nice site. Please would you consider adding a link to a similar site at The fabulous adventures of Mister Wombat - The world's only traveling wombat!
Smile! - Cheers, Giles.

Dear Giles,
I think Mrs. Wombat takes very nice pictures of her husband. They have been to a lot of places I would like to visit someday. I especially want to visit the Taj Mahal. In March, I am going to Iceland!
Sincerely, Bud

Hey Bud,
You're hilarious! When and where can I get my picture taken with you? I am a Baltimore girl!

Dear Ansa,
I'm going to Iceland in March. Do you want to meet there? We could take pictures of each other. That would be cool, I think. I like Baltimore very much.
Sincerely, Bud

my name is michaela and i'm doing a report on FiGi islands i would like it very much if u can send me some informaton on it i'm from the USA and i am doing a country report on FiGi islands.
your friend,

Dear Michaela,
I thought it was spelled 'Fiji' but people could spell it FiGi and I guess it sounds the same if you were talking about it. I went
there in June of the year 2000. There was a coup going on because a man named George Speight was mad at the government and took it over for awhile. The people in Fiji are really nice, though, and while they were worried there was hardly any serious trouble.

Fiji was 'found' in 1643 by Abel Jansen Tasman, a Dutch navigator. I think that was news to the Fijians who were living there, I guess, because I suppose they never knew they were lost! The British took over and colonized Fiji in the 19th century. The British brought lots of workers from India and now half the population is descended from them. In 1970, Fiji became independant again and there have been arguments between the native Fijians and the Indian descendants ever since.
Sincerely, Bud

I'm trying to find a well known B & W photo taken in the USA, turn of the century, that tells of the injustice of child labour in COAL MINNING IN America.

THE PHOTO is of at least a hundred or more of children after a days labour. tightly lined, shoulder to shoulder, in several lines. Thier ages were from 7,8,9,years

Dear Montie,
I found this picture by Lewis Hine. Is this the one you meant?

I was a child when I was working but it wasn't very hard work. I just had to wear clothes and stand still.
Sincerely, Bud

As an American abroad, have you ever encountered any hostility? Also, will you be planning a trip to Asia anytime soon? Also, what are the most important essentials to pack when traveling? I enjoy your world travels. Keep up the good work!
Megan Carberry

Dear Megan,
No one has ever been mean to me. I was searched for bombs by British soldiers before I could see the Tower of London but I knew they were just doing their job. I have some friends in Okinawa and will probably visit them next year sometime. I'm really looking forward to it! When traveling, I think it's important to have some paint and body putty. But for most people, I recommend a toothbrush. I'm glad you enjoy my travels. I hope you will travel to a new place soon and make friends there too.
Sincerely, Bud

Hey Bud,
You're surprisingly lifelike. I hope you don't take that as an insult. I was so happy to find out that you were a mannequin and not a ventriloquist dummy. Dummies are creepy. Also I was even more pleased to see you were an older mannequin as opposed to the new stupid looking ones they manufacturer now.

Once I got to go to a mannequin repair shop. The people had hundreds and hundreds of mannequins in their shop. The woman that ran it looked like someone who wished she was a bubblehead barbie - but was too old and her skin was too green. She had a guy that worked for her - he must have weighed in at about 450 pounds. His stool was intended for a tiny child and so he sort of sagged down on either side of it. They had drawers and drawers full of protruding limbs, feet and hands. In otherwords you couldn't close the drawers.

Dear Beth,
Calling me 'lifelike' isn't bad at all. Mannequins are supposed to look real, it's why we were created in the first place, I suppose. I don't think all dummies are creepy, there are some very nice ones. Maybe you should try to get to know more dummies? It's better not to label them all just because you met a creepy dummy once.

I like the older dummies too but that's a matter of taste, I guess, and there sure are lots of folks who like the new style. In France they say, "C'est la vie," which means, "Life's like that."

I really admire those smart people who fix us when we break. I was in a repair shop once before I started traveling. I was glad to be repaired but I thought the place was kind scary, like you said with all the parts laying around like that. I still get the shivers.
Sincerely, Bud

Hey I was just out surfing the web and found your site. I have got to tell you that is the funniest thing I have ever seen. But here is my queestion Bud, out of everywhere you have been what was the one place if that you recommend for people to visit?

Thanks, Doug

Dear Doug,
Gosh, that is a hard question! I think a lot depends on the person, though. I mean, some people might like exotic and far away places like Botswana. Other people would be get scared camping in the jungle and would want to stay in a hotel in a big city like Paris or London. I suppose my answer would be that no matter where you travel you should always remember to visit your home too.

Thanks a lot for the compliment, I'm really glad you like my site.
Sincerely, Bud

Hi Bud,
Its courageous of you to get up and go touring the world- how on earth could you afford it. I have been thinking of doing this for a while- but I can never save enough money. I wouldn't mind joining you on your travels. I noticed you didnt mention a girl friend- I think you are kinda cute- a little stiff- but with some female company, that can be resolved.

So what do you say Bud- I can be on the next available plane to wherever you are.

Look forward to hearing from you.
Take care of your self

Dear Kay,
For me, traveling is pretty inexpensive. What costs people money is usually the plane ticket or the hotel room or the restaurants. I don't need a seat in the airplane because my legs don't bend. My bag is waterproof and I don't mind the cold or the heat too much. And I don't eat anything. It's a good thing I can travel cheaply because I don't have any money either.

I think girls are really nice but I'm not ready for a 'girlfriend.' I mean, I have friends who are girls and all but they aren't... uh, you know. If you want to be my friend even though you are a girl that's ok. I think before you come meet me or anything, though, we should kind of get to know each other better. It's dangerous for kids to meet strangers they talk to on the internet.
Sincerely, Bud

what ever you do don't drink to much beer or else you get drunk.

Dear Emilio,
I had a beer once but I didn't get drunk, though. It ran down the front of my suit and filled up my shoes. I had to wash off later.
Sincerely, Bud

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